Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[9Hits Traffic Bot] Manage campaigns


Press Campaigns button from main windows. You can create new campaign, update or duplicate exists campaigns. With any actions, press Save to save your changes. Your campaigns is saved in the file config\campaigns.txt.

Campaign options
- Title: Any name you want
- Urls: One ore more link to bot (one per line), the bot would take random one while surfing
- Referrers: List of your referrers link. The bot would take random one
- Duration: The bot would generate random duration between "From" - "To"
- Max Popups: Maximum number popups can opened.
- Block Regex: Block urls on browser by regular regular expression.
- Macros: Main apply to the first (main) browser. Popups apply to any opened popups.
- Accept Language: Send accept language header by country. If the country has not selected, en-US will be use as default. You have to GEO your list to make this feature work. You can also modify the available accept languages by country code from the file config\accept-languages.txt to add more or edit them.
- Disable XXX rate: from 0 - 100

Don't forget to press Save button when you done  !

Go to overview page

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