Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[9Hits Traffic Bot] Custom update


When should we use this feature?
In case you have a lot of machines which running the bot, and you want to change anything automatically instead of access and change one by one. For example you need to update your proxy list, change your campaigns, user agents, settings. etc.

How it works ?
In the setting window, you have 2 options is Update URL and Frequency Check.
- Update URL is the link to check your version. It would be a simple text file with there structure
version|download_update_url. The download_update_url should be a direct link to a file in zip format
- Frequency Check: Check for your new update for every "Frequency Check" In minutes.

- Update URL :
- Custom update file:

The bot will check your updates periodically from your Update URL. Your latest version will be save in the file config\custom-version.txt. If the saved version is different from the version in your Update URL, the bot will download the new update file by the download_update_url provider on Update URL, unzip the downloaded update package and finally restart it self.

Let say your current version is 9999, now you want to do update. So just preparing your new update zip file, modify the version (and the download link if needed) in the check file.
For example my current check file is with content
Now I just need to change the file (on my host server) to.
And then just wait for the bot to see the new version and download my update file.
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  1. how to use 9 hit bot..please help me

  2. Great tutorials. It gives a detailed instruction for us being a newbie. keep on sharing. 토토

  3. I want to upload the custom-update file to the server and edit the file check, what should I do?