Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[9Hits Traffic Bot] Configuration


Explain options:
- Proxy Type: Tell the bot what type of your proxy list
- Proxy Source: Default is config\proxies.txt. You can set a path to a text file or your link to a text file contains your proxies as well.
- Note: Any text you want
- Update URL and Frequency Check: See this post for detail
- Auto Update: Allow the bot auto update when new version is available
- Random Proxies: Load and use your proxies randomly
- Random Campaigns: Load your campaigns randomly
- Rotating Mode:Enable if you are using rotating, backconnect proxies
- Loop Forever: If uncheck, the bot will stop when all proxies in your list has been used
- Hide Browser: Hide all browsers while the bot is running
- Allow Downloads: Allow any download requests on browser while surfing. All the downloaded files will saved to the downloads folder
- Auto Delete Downloads: Delete downloaded files when finished
- Log Dead Proxies: Logging dead proxy to the folder logs/deadproxies
- Optimize Performance: Optimize performance of browser, but may lower traffic quality !

- Hourly Threads: You can set number of running threads by hour and randomly !

- You can also using Luminati proxies on the bot. Just pick your proxy zone information  and put into the bot.
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