Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Searching youtube video with 9Hits Macros !

Hi, this is script for searching video on youtube with a random keyword from 2 keywords ("bypass captcha 9hits" and "google search 9hits"). Then click to the video if found in the search result.
Finally, while viewing the video, the script will click to the playing time bar for 2 times.

You are able to modify this script to fit your need, as well as make it more flexible, more real. Or you can also as help from us to create your own script.

//Wait for page load
await Delay(1000);
while(await IsLoading()) await Delay(1000);

//typing a random keyword and hit enter (13 is key code of Enter key)
var randomKeyword = RandomArray(["bypass captcha 9hits", "google search 9hits"]);
await Delay(1000);
await Typing(randomKeyword);

//delay for a while when we just press Enter.
await Delay(5000);

//check for our target if found or not. I would like to click to any video has title contain 9Hits
var myTarget = GenerateXpath("a", "text", "%9Hit%");
var found = false;

var pageCount = 0;
    found = await GetAttribute(myTarget, "href");
    //if found the target, do click it
        await Delay(5000); //wait for the video load
        //click to the time playing process
        await Delay(Random(5000, 10000));
        //click to the time playing process one more time
        await Delay(Random(5000, 10000));
        // do more interaction....
    //if not found, scroll down to laod more result, and check again
    SendMouseWheel(0, -10000);
    await Delay(3000);
    //suppose we only scroll down for 5 times.
    if(pageCount > 5) break;


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