Friday, October 6, 2017

9Hits Viewer v2.1

The updates v2.1 are available now!

I. Update information
- Fixed crashing issue
- Fixed stuck process (9hbrowser.exe)
- Optimize performance
- Reduce CPU and RAM usage
- New tool for manage and run multiple sessions

II. Manage your session with Sessions Manager

1. Add a new session
 - Press Add button: Session name are auto generated, put your session information to the new added row (token, note, proxy). The name with red color mean the session has not saved yet. Press Start button to start a viewer with added session information

2. Add multiple session
 - Press Mass Add button, fill your token, note, choose Proxy Type. In the last textbox, copy and paste your proxies, one per line. If your proxies has user and password for authenticate, separate them with semicolons.
- Press Apply to add your sessions.

3. Manage your sessions
  You can Start / Stop / Delete one or more sessions on the session list. Remember that the session need to be checked for any action.

4. Scheduling Reset
  To keep all viewer running smoothly, your should enable Schedule Reset to refresh all running viewers periodically.

5. Start from command line
9hmultiss.exe --auto-start --hide-browser --schedule=86400
--auto-start         : optional
--hide-browser   : optional
--schedule          : optional
valid schedule values: 1800, 3600, 7200, 14400, 21600, 43200, 86400

Please run the old (2.0)  and press Start for auto update or access 9hits panel to redownload full version :)


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, just run the old (2.0) and the viewer will update automatically. Or you may login to 9hits panel and go to download page !

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  5. Hi I have a problem with it, it says that it can't connect to 9hits server error any help? and the IP shows like this "..." only my default is normal like numbers on it etc. any help?

  6. hi. i dont know where to refer. my hits is very slow from last update web before this i can get 150 hit just in one day. now i only get 5 hits 2days. i using same setting as before what should i do?

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