Friday, September 29, 2017

How to run more than one sessions in 9Hits Viewer v2

This post are out of date, you may wanna read this new post for new version


The 9Hits Viewer v2 are allowed to run multi instances, each instance must have an unique IP.
All your sessions are stored in sessions folder inside the viewer folder.

By default, there are a default session, stored in the file default.txt (inside the sessions folder). If you not found the default.txt file, just copy your token to Token textbox on the viewer and press Start button, the file default.txt would be created.
It's look like this
  "token": "xxxxxx",
  "note": "your note",
  "proxyType": "system",
  "proxyServer": "",
  "proxyUser": "",
  "proxyPw": ""

Let say I wanna run one more session. So just copy the default.txt to a new file, maybe myproxysesion.txt
then edit the new file
  "token": "xxxxxx",
  "note": "your note",
  "proxyType": "http",
  "proxyServer": "",
  "proxyUser": "admin",
  "proxyPw": "1234"

proxyType may be system, http, socks4, socks5.

Now, you may test your new session from command line by run the follow command
FULL_VIEWER_PATH/9hviewer.exe --session=myproxysesion --auto-start.

Finaly, add the command for the new session to the file 9h_start.bat (inside the viewer folder)
This is important because if the viewer update, it's will terminate all running viewers and then run the 9h_start.bat file, so add the command for the new session to ensure all your sessions run when the viewer update !

You can also run 9h_start.bat to start the viewer instead of run 9hviewer.exe.

The last thing. If your have pretty much of proxies and don't wanna creating one by one. So please follow this script.

1. Preparing your input text file that contains all your proxies, for example I have 2 proxies in my input file proxies.txt like this:

2. Open the the script file that I have writen (session_creator.bat - you may download at the end of this post) and change some infomations, see there figure:

3. Run the script (session_creator.bat) and check for the results:

4. Copy your created sessions file (session1, session2, etc...) to the sessions folder of the 9hits viewer. Copy the generated commands in output file (commands.txt) to the file 9h_start.bat inside the viewer folder.

That's all, now you may start all your sessions by run the file 9h_start.bat :-)

5. You are able to modify the creator script code to do some more lazy tasks ! like auto move created files to sessions folder, auto copy the commands to 9h_start.bat. !

Download script for session creator


  1. Đoạn cuối sao chép các lệnh được tạo ra trong tệp tin commands.txt vào chỗ nào của tệp 9h_star.bat vậy ??

  2. Is this just for using vps ? Or can use it include local pc ?

    1. Hi, our viewer is safe and you ofc you can use on your local computer.

      The viewer can also run in hidden mode (minimized to tray).

      Just give it a try and feel free to contact us if you need any help :)