Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Important update for 9Hits Viewer (2.3.1)

Hi dear !
The update for 9Hits Viewer version 2.3.1 (on both windows and linux) has been released with following changes:
1. Support H.264 codec. 9Hits Viewer can now work better with videos like youtube, dailymotion, instagram, etc.

2. New feature - auto get proxy. This feature is available for PREMIUM account only. Now you can just set Use 9Hits Proxy, to Yes and then leave the Viewer auto finding/checking proxy. If the using proxy is dead, the viewer will try to get an other proxy automatically. Please note if you are FREE user and try to use 9Hits Proxy, your earned points will not be counted !

3. New option on the viewer to allow/deny Adult websites. (you may pass --disable-adult to the viewer and multiss).
Also, all your added websites need to indicate that it's has adult content or not ! Please do that to ensure your website work properly.

This updates can't update automatically, you have to redownload the full version from 9hits panel. Im so sorry for the inconvenience.

Please update to the 2.3.1 as son as possible. If there are no issues reported from now to 2018/03/24. The previous version (2.2.9 and earlier) will be force stopped.


  1. I got a problem with 9hits viewer. It said the browser error: can not open browser with error code (193). Please help