Friday, December 8, 2017

Update 2.2.5 !

Hi dear !
This is an important update about rotating proxy issue. In short. A rotating proxy like an intermediate proxy, it will change the final IP address. 9Hits Viewer will reset the session if it detect IP has changed, therefore, if you're using a rotating proxy, you may see a lot of "strange" sessions on 9Hits Panel (that you think it's not your). Also, as IP that changed time to time will lower your points earning alot !.

Why the viewer need to reset when the IP changed? Because when you start a session, 9Hits Viewer does checking your IP information, like country, city, is proxy or not, etc. So if the ip changed, it's need to recheck, we can't use the IP information of an IP to other IP.

In the update 2.2.5, the viewer will stop and show a warning to you if the proxy that you are using may be a rotating proxy. Just replace this proxy with an other one. Try to avoid using them !

Regards !


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