Sunday, August 6, 2017

How to do a google search

This is a very basic function that I writen to do a simple google search.

Firstly, I will create a custom function base on build-in function. for example. I called my function is GoogleSearch with 2 parameters: keyword and targetXpath (for finding and clicking).

function GoogleSearch(keyword, targetXpath)
    SetById ("lst-ib", "value", keyword);
    Delay (500);
    ClickById ("lst-ib", 2);
    ClickByXpath (GenerateXpath ("input", "name", "btnK"));

    Delay (10000);
    hasMySite         = GetAttribute (targetXpath, "href");

        ClickByXpath (targetXpath);

Delay (25000);
searchTargetXpath = GenerateXpath ("a","href","https://whoer%"); 
GoogleSearch("", searchTargetXpath);
Once function has been declared. I now may call it. 
And then put it to work on 9hits panel like this.

The function work like human.
1. Fill the keyword to the textbox (for eg:
2. Press search button and delay for 10s to load the results.
3. Find the target and check if it's exists (on first page).
In this example, my target  is a link has href attribute starts with
4. Click it and done.
you may open the Macro Editor inside the Viewer folder to test this.
Note: This is a simple macro and tested on Desktop user agent.
You may try to make it more complex to fit you need :)
 => Dont forget to take a look on our macro document to learn more ! 


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